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After several years of research, Progressive Foods Inc.™ has developed a unique process to cook barley efficiently without losing its nutritional values. Our passion to create a tasty and healthy product has inspired us to make a natural and organic barley from locally grown hulless barley.

Progressive Foods is proud to launch its new brand Snappy Grains™ in Summer 2016, and share with you Natural Barley in A snap and Organic Barley in A Snap. Snappy Grains™ barley is an excellent source of protein and fibre, especially the cholesterol-lowering soluble fibre, beta-glucan. The many health benefits make barley a versatile grain and great alternative for rice and starch rich foods.

Snappy Grains™ cares about your health and brings you high quality products. We have put in the time to prepare our barley to the perfect state so you don’t have to. Snappy Grains™ barley only takes 10 minutes to cook unlike other barley products and can be served in many ways. Check out our Snappy Kitchen for delicious recipe ideas.

Make Snappy Grains™ a part of your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert… in a snap. Natural, organic, yummy!


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